September 28, 2020 5.07 pm This story is over 43 months old

Cheeky birds caught swearing at Lincolnshire wildlife park

Much to the amusement of visitors and staff

Five foul mouthed parrots have been causing a comical stir at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park by swearing in front of visitors and staff.

African grey parrots Billy, Tyson, Elsie, Jade and Eric arrived at the park in Friskney together, which is also home to The National Parrot Sanctuary.

The five parrots have often been heard “f’ing and blinding at each other”, much to the amusement of staff and visitors.

They were initially removed from public viewing before being moved into separate enclosures.

Billy is one of the five cheeky parrots. Photo: Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

Steve Nichols, CEO at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park, told Lincolnshire Reporter: “We take in parrots all the time and a lot of them talk and make unusual noises.

“A lot of them do swear, so when they come in we find it quite amusing, but we never had it where five arrived at the same time.

“They were all f’ing and blinding at each other, which was funny, but when they went outside they were quite offensive to some of the visitors. It caused some concern as people didn’t realise it was the parrots at first as it can sound like it is a person’s voice, but then they loved it.

“It is unusual to get five coming to us at once that all have the blue language with the ‘f word’ the most common. We are finding that people are swearing to try and encourage the parrots.

“We ended up taking them off-shore into a private area to get them quiet down a little and develop other noises. They have now been moved into separate enclosures.”

Eric’s language is a bit blue too. Photo: Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

The quintet are not as famous as another parrot resident of Lincolnshire Wildlife Park – Chico – who went viral across the world during the coronavirus lockdown by singing like Beyonce, including on This Morning with Phillip Schofield & Holly Willoughby.

Chico even has his own Instagram page with over 6,000 followers.