September 2, 2020 5.00 pm This story is over 38 months old

Separate paper and card collection in Lincolnshire homes by 2024

Three areas in the county have already trialed it

Separate paper and card collection will be rolled out across Lincolnshire by 2024 after a successful trial in three districts.

Over 7,200 households in North Kesteven, Boston and South Holland have been putting their clean, dry paper and card into a separate purple recycling bin/bag over the past 12 months and this has now been extended.

Boston is scheduled to go first in spring 2021, followed by North Kesteven in autumn next year. The timetable for remaining districts is yet to be confirmed.

In the trial, the county council collected almost 420 tonnes of clean, dry paper and card, which has gone to local and UK based paper mills to be made into paper based products.

The council said this has “saved many road miles, reduced carbon emissions and created a product which can be reused and recycled again”, which is one of the key objectives from the Lincolnshire Waste Partnership’s strategic plan.

In the trial, the county council collected almost 420 tonnes of clean, dry paper and card. Photo: LCC

Councillor Eddy Poll, executive councillor for waste and recycling at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “Residents have been simply incredible, and have really embraced this new initiative.

“As well as only putting paper and card in a separate bag/bin, residents have done a great job of only putting plastic pots, tubs & trays, glass, tin & cans in their recycling bins – significantly reducing the contamination and increasing recycling rates.

“For us to continue to do the right thing for our communities and for the environment, the right thing to do is extend this to all households in Lincolnshire, over the next few years.

“We will work with residents to make sure they have the right size containers for their home, and in the run up to the roll out, council staff will run engagement sessions and workshops in the community to help residents get the right thing in the right bin.”