December 15, 2020 11.03 am This story is over 41 months old

Brixi the cat feline fine after wall rescue

Purr-fect work by the firefighters

A cat had a stressful meow-ment when it became trapped between a wall and a garage, but the story had a purr-fect ending thanks to the help of Humberside Fire & Rescue.

Hand tools and a saw were used to remove bricks as access to the cat was made via the garage brick wall on Ferry Road in Scunthorpe shortly after 4pm on Monday, December 14.

The cat was taken to the fire station before being handed over to the RSPCA.

Hand tools and a saw were used to remove bricks before the cat was rescued. | Photo: Humberside Fire & Rescue

The firefighters did a great job with the rescue. | Photo: Humberside Fire & Rescue

Humberside Fire & Rescue said: “Brixi the cat was feline a little stressed after getting trapped at an incident in Scunthorpe.

“Luckily, Green Watch were able to carry out a purrfect rescue and hand Brixi over to the RSPCA.”