December 16, 2020 1.57 pm This story is over 35 months old

Rediscovered Bill Oddie recordings used for new Lincolnshire nature trail

Connect with nature and learn about the wildlife

Old reserve recordings by Bill Oddie, from around a quarter of a century ago, have been discovered and used in a new nature audio trail for Lincolnshire’s Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe Dunes National Nature Reserve.

The recordings were rediscovered in the corner of a Natural England office this year and have been brought back to life, digitised and made available to download, along with an illustrated map as a new nature trail.

The original audio guides were recorded by Oddie, who is a birder, conversationist, author, comedian and television personality in 1994/95 for Natural England.

Four recordings are available, one for each season, with the trail beginning at Rimac car park and taking visitors through some of Lincolnshire’s largest and oldest dunes, past scenic ponds and to viewpoints overlooking the wildlife-rich freshwater marsh and saltmarsh habitats.

The new guide can also be listened to on a mobile phone and allows users to connect with nature and learn about the wildlife of the reserve while remaining socially distanced.

A new accompanying illustrated map of the reserve was created by Tish Cookson of Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.

The new audio trial is part of the Dynamic Dunescapes project and has been launched by Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust and Natural England.

The project aims to restore 7,000 hectares of coastal sand dune habitat in England and Wales. It is funded by National Lottery Heritage Fund and the EU Life Programme.

Four recordings are available for the new nature audio trail, one for each season. | Photo: Natural England/Peter Roworth

Tish Cookson, Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust’s Engagement Officer for Dynamic Dunescapes, said: “Finding this old tape recording by Bill Oddie was like dusting off an antique natural history book.

“It tells the story of Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe NNR throughout the seasons, and will open your eyes to all the strange and wonderful wildlife that call this place home. I hope our little bit of ‘spring cleaning’ helps you connect with nature on this amazing reserve.”