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Local Elections 2021: The Lincolnshire County Council candidates

Find your candidates in the county council elections

More than 250 candidates in almost 70 wards are standing in the Lincolnshire County Council elections next month.

Voters will go to the polls on Thursday, May 6 to choose who they want to represent them in county council for the next four years.

The Conservatives have overall control of the council with 54 of 70 seats, with Labour having five and needing to gain 50 seats for a majority.

The Independents currently have six seats, independent (non-aligned councillors) have two, Liberal Democrats have one and Lincolnshire Independents also have one. There is a vacancy currently at Market Rasen Wolds ward.

People have until April 19 to register to vote to take part in the election.

Below is a list of candidates for each ward in full. Councillors defending their position are highlighted in bold.

Boston Borough Wards

Boston Coastal

  • Broughton, Dale (Independent)
  • Monkman, Carole (Labour)
  • Skinner, Paul (Conservative)

Boston North

  • Cook, Benjamin (Labour)
  • Dani, Anton (Conservative)
  • Hastie, Neill (Independent)
  • Nicholson, Matthew (Unlisted)
  • Stevenson, Jason (Liberal Democrat)
  • Thornalley, Jason (For the People not the Party)

Boston Rural

  • Brookes, Michael (Conservative)
  • Gilbert, Tristan (For the People, not the Party)
  • Howard, Tony (Labour)

Boston South

  • Abbott, Tracey (Conservative)
  • Austin, Alison (Independent)
  • Bell, Alan (Labour and Co-operative)
  • Gilbert, Mike (For the People, not the Party)
  • Ransome, Sue (Independent)
  • Watson, Peter (Independent)

Boston West

  • Ashleigh-Morris, Paula (Conservative)
  • Goodale, Paul (Labour)
  • Keywood-Wainwright, Tiggs (Unlisted)
  • Lee, Gavin (For the People, not the Party)
  • Pryke, Ralph (Liberal Democrats)
  • Woodliffe, Stephen (Independent)


  • Barton, Jackie (Labour and Co-operative)
  • Cardwell, Christopher (Unlisted)
  • Cook, Harley (Unlisted)
  • Dorrian, Anne (Independent)
  • Griggs, Martin (Conservative)
  • Moore, Chris (For the People, not the Party)
  • Pinto, Licia (Unlisted)

Lincoln City Wards


  • Lowe, Liz (Labour and Co-operative Party)
  • Radford, John (Green Party)
  • Richardson, Tony (Liberal Democrat)
  • Strengiel, Eddie (Conservative)


  • Clarke, Kev (Labour Party)
  • Osbourne, Henry (Conservative)
  • Parker, Charles (Liberal Democrat)
  • Tooke, Simon (Green Party)


  • Choi, Jack (Conservative)
  • Craven, Oliver (Liberal Democrat)
  • Parker, Rob (Labour and Co-operative Party)
  • Readings, Aston (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
  • Shaw, Charles (The Liberal Party)
  • Watson, Nicola (Green Party)

Ermine & Cathedral

  • Dale, Richard (Liberal Democrat)
  • Lee, Karen (Labour)
  • Reid, Christopher (Conservative)
  • Wilkinson, Valerie (Green Party)


  • Charters, James (Liberal Democrat)
  • Clarke, Mike (Conservative)
  • Ellis, Adelle (Labour)
  • Parr, Matt (Green Party)


  • Chapman, Natasha (Liberal Democrat)
  • Horscroft, Sally (Green Party)
  • Killey, Julie (Labour)
  • Parker, Nick (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
  • Penman, Donald (Reform UK)
  • Sperrin, Liam (Conservative)

St Giles

  • Clarke, Nicola (Conservative)
  • Kenyon, Caroline (Liberal Democrat)
  • McKenna, Fiona (Green Party)
  • Renshaw, Robin (Labour)

Swallow Beck & Witham

  • Guthrie, Deborah (Reform UK)
  • Padley, Christopher (Green Party)
  • Roper, Callum (Labour and Co-operative Party)
  • Spratt, Hilton (Conservative)
  • Uldall, Sarah (Liberal Democrat)

East Lindsey Wards

Alford & Sutton

  • Bailey, Isaac (Labour)
  • Brookes, Jimmy (Skegness Urban District Society – SUDS)
  • Matthews, Colin (Conservative)

Horncastle & the Keals

  • Aron, Bill (Independent)
  • Claxton, Simon (SUDS)
  • Gray, William (Conservative)
  • Hinkins, Dominic (Labour and Co-operative)

Ingoldmells Rural

  • Brookes, Danny (SUDS)
  • Davie, Colin (Conservative)
  • Shaw, Janet (Labour and Co-operative)
  • Walmsley, Steve (SUDS)

Louth North

  • Hall, Alex (Conservative)
  • Hall, David (Labour)
  • Leonard, Andrew (Independent)

Louth South

  • Jackson, Ros (Labour)
  • Makinson-Sanders, Jill (Independent)
  • Parkin, Sarah (Independent)
  • Robb, Rebecca (Heritage Party)
  • Taylor, Terry (Conservative)

Louth Wolds

  • Marfleet, Hugo (Conservative)
  • Simpson, Daniel (Independent)
  • Smith, Phyll (Labour and Co-operative)


  • Brookes, Danny (SUDS)
  • Cullen, Graham (Labour)
  • Sear, Noi (Conservative)

Saltfleet & the Cotes

  • Aldridge, Terry (Independent)
  • Lyons, Chris (Labour)
  • McNally, Daniel (Conservative)

Skegness North

  • Anderson, Mark (Labour)
  • Dannatt, Mark (SUDS)
  • Macey, Carl (Conservative)

Skegness South

  • Blackburn, Susan (Conservative)
  • Brookes, Billy (SUDS)
  • Poole, Claire (Labour)

Tattershall Castle

  • Ashton, Tom (Conservative)
  • Croft, Jacob (Labour)
  • Stokes, Karen (Green)


  • Bowkett, Wendy (Conservative)
  • Findley, Ady (SUDS)
  • Finnis, Jonathan (Green)
  • Wood, Keziah (Labour)

North Kesteven Wards

Bassingham & Welbourn

  • Eckert, Russell (Conservative)
  • Overton, Marianne (Lincolnshire Independents)
  • Townsend, Vonnie (Labour)

Eagle & Hykeham West

  • Broadley, Ian (Liberal Democrat)
  • Dillon, Nikki (Independent)
  • Thompson, Mike (Conservative)
  • Watt, Calum (Labour and Co-operative)


  • Key, Andrew (Conservative)
  • Peacock, Jennifer (Labour)

Hykeham Forum

  • Rodgerson, Calvin (Labour and Co-operative Party)
  • Roe, Stephen (Conservative)

Metheringham Rural

  • Bissitt, Calvin (Labour and Co-operative)
  • Byatt, Nick (Lincolnshire Independents)
  • Kendrick, Rob (Conservative)

Potterhanworth & Coleby

  • Carrington, Ian (Conservative)
  • Chapman, Stephen (Liberal Democrat)
  • Edwards-Shea, Linda (Labour)
  • Lundgren, Peter (Lincolnshire Independents)


  • Lowndes, Linda (Labour)
  • Wright, Richard (Conservative)


  • Allan, Mark (Conservative)
  • Edwards-Shea, Paul (Labour)
  • Greetham, Robert (Independent)
  • Hislop, Susan (Liberal Democrat)
  • Hunt, Edward (Independent)
  • Lorimer, Heather (Independent)
  • Oates, Robert (Lincolnshire Independents)

Sleaford Rural

  • Hagues, Andrew (Conservative)
  • Mason, Steve (Independent)
  • Smith, Ian (Liberal Democrat)
  • Suiter, David (Lincolnshire Independents)
  • White, Keith (Labour)

Waddington & Hykeham East

  • Byron, Corinne (Liberal Democrat)
  • Dyer, Thomas (Conservative)
  • Lord, Jacob (Lincolnshire Independents)
  • Parker, Sue (Labour)


  • Blackmore, Jason (Liberal Party – Our Local Voice)
  • Catton, Diana (Liberal Democrat)
  • Cawrey, Lindsey (Conservative)
  • Crawshaw, Terry (Green)
  • Hewson, Gary (Labour and Co-operative Party)
  • Lundgren, George (Lincolnshire Independents)

South Holland Wards


  • Fairman, Richard (Independent)
  • Pepper, Nigel (Conservative)

Donington Rural

  • Colman, Martin (Green)
  • Grocock, Rodney (Conservative)
  • King, Jane (South Holland Independents)


  • Carter, Tracey (Conservative)
  • Foyster, Paul (South Holland Independents)
  • Thomas, James (Labour)

Holbeach Rural

  • Clark, Christopher (Green)
  • Coupland, Peter (Conservative)
  • McNally, Edward (Independent)

Spalding East

  • Gibson, Robert (South Holland Independents)
  • Poll, Eddy (Conservative)

Spalding Elloe

  • Dickens, Douglas (Independent)
  • Longbottom, Rebecca (Labour)
  • Sneath, Elizabeth (Conservative)
  • Violett, Heather (Green)

Spalding South

  • Blake, Martin (Green)
  • Brown, Nicholas (Labour)
  • Hasan, Manzur (South Holland Independents)
  • Taylor, Gary (Conservative)

Spalding West

  • Denman, David (Conservative)
  • Newton, Angela (South Holland Independents)

The Suttons

  • Brewis, Christopher (Independent)
  • Tyrrell, Jack (Conservative)

South Kesteven wards

Bourne North & Morton

  • Hare, Barry (Labour)
  • Woolley, Sue (Conservative)

Bourne South & Thurlby

  • Mumby, Bob (Labour and Cooperative)
  • Reid, Robert (Conservative)

Colsterworth Rural

  • Adams, Bob (Conservative)
  • Shorrock, Rob (Labour)

Deepings East

  • Dilks, Phil (Independent)
  • Dobson, Barry (Conservative)

Deepings West & Rural

  • Baxter, Ashley (Independent)
  • Halfhide, Andrew (Conservative)

Folkingham Rural

  • Hansen, The Chocolate Man (Jan, Independent)
  • Hill, Martin (Conservative)
  • Richardson, Paul (Labour and Co-operative)

Grantham Barrowby

  • Forman, Tracey (Labour and Co-operative)
  • Turner, Michael (Green)
  • Whittington, Mark (Conservative)

Grantham East

  • Fawcett, Stuart (Labour)
  • Hewerdine, Stephen (Independent)
  • Selby, Ian (Independent)
  • Stooke, Elvis (Independent)
  • Wootten, Linda (Conservative)

Grantham North

  • Hasnip, Wayne (Labour)
  • Simmons, Ian (Green)
  • Wootten, Ray (Conservative)

Grantham South

  • Gayfer, Anne (Green)
  • Stead, Louis (Independent)
  • Steptoe, Lee (Labour and Co-operative)
  • Stokes, Adam (Conservative)
  • Wells, Bruce (Independent)

Grantham West

  • Davies, Richard (Conservative)
  • King, Vi (Labour and Co-operative)
  • Morgan, Christopher (Green)


  • Blackwell, Andrew (Labour)
  • Maughan, Alexander (Conservative)
  • Wood, Paul (Independent)

Stamford East

  • Bisnauthsing, Harrish (Liberal Democrats)
  • Burke, Chris (Labour)
  • Cooke, Kelham (Conservative)

Stamford West

  • Carroll, Steve (Independent)
  • Carter-Begbie, Angela (Independent)
  • Cleaver, Richard (Independent)
  • Pugh, Owen (Conservative)
  • Winterbourne, Jo (Labour)

West Lindsey Wards

Bardney & Cherry Willingham

  • Darcel, Chris (Lincolnshire Independents)
  • Fleetwood, Ian (Conservative)
  • Jackson, Ben (Reform UK)
  • Jennings, Sheila (Labour)

Gainsborough Hill

  • Bibb, Sheila (Conservative)
  • Boles, Matt (Liberal Democrat)
  • Hancock, Michael (Labour)
  • O’Connor, Pat (Reform UK)

Gainsborough Rural South

  • Butroid, Richard (Conservative)
  • Connell, Quincy (Lincolnshire Independents)
  • Cox, Tom (Labour)
  • Velan, Baptiste (Liberal Democrats)

Gainsborough Trent

  • Ashby, Laura (Conservative)
  • Key, Paul (Independent)
  • Smith, Perry (Labour)
  • Young, Trevor (Liberal Democrats)

Market Rasen Wolds

  • Bunney, Stephen (Liberal Democrats)
  • Coulson, Tracey (Conservative)
  • Saywell, Colin (Labour)

Nettleham & Saxilby

  • Brockway, Jackie (Conservative)
  • Green, Morag (Labour)
  • Loryman, Benjamin (Green)
  • White, Angela (Liberal Democrats)

North Wolds

  • Green, Brian (Labour)
  • Reece, Louise (Liberal Democrats)
  • Smith, Tom (Conservative)

Scotter Rural

  • Adderley, Robert (Labour)
  • Howitt-Cowan, Paul (Independent)
  • Perraton-Williams, Clio (Conservative)
  • Rollings, Lesley (Liberal Democrats)

Welton Rural

  • Bond, David (Labour)
  • Rawlins, Sue (Conservative)
  • Rodgers, Diana (Independent)
  • Taylor, Neil (Liberal Democrat)