April 5, 2021 4.17 pm This story is over 14 months old

Red, white and gold: How Lincoln Cathedral marked Easter week

Beautiful in every shade

Lincoln Cathedral sported different colours to mark Easter weekend this year, illuminating red, white and gold to celebrate Holy Week.

The three colours represent the traditional liturgical colours of Holy Week, and all have different meanings in relation to the story of Christ.

On Palm Sunday, March 28, Lincoln Cathedral lit up red to celebrate Jesus Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem.

Lincoln Cathedral went white on Thursday to mark the Last Supper. | Photo: Steve Percival

On Maundy Thursday, April 1, the red changed to white in order to contemplate the Last Supper, as well as Jesus’ command to love one another.

The stunning glow of a red Lincoln Cathedral as Holy Week was marked in the city. | Photo: Samuel Brown

Then, on Good Friday and Easter Eve (April 2 and 3), the cathedral was lit up red again, this time to signify passion, suffering, and the death of Christ.

Finally on Easter Sunday, the glowing colours of gold were reflected onto the cathedral to mark resurrection and hope offered by new life.

A triumphant golden glow at Lincoln Cathedral to end Holy Week. | Photo: Steve Percival

In other cathedral news, due to the success of moving services online as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Lincoln Cathedral said it will make this a permanent feature.

New cameras will be fitted and services will be broadcast on the cathedral’s social media pages to reach more people who perhaps cannot travel for worship.

Simply stunning! | Photo: Steve Percival

The Dean of Lincoln, Christine Wilson, said: “This year, as we connect so powerfully with the Easter story, may we all experience an outpouring of joy and rise with Christ on the wings of love.”