May 18, 2021 9.08 am This story is over 14 months old

Persistent beggar banned from Lincoln shopping centre

The ban is in place for three years

Police have handed a ban to a person accused of persistently begging at the Carlton Centre.

The Criminal Behaviour Order is in place for three years and bans them from sitting in a position to beg and approaching people to ask for money or food.

Breaches to such bans can result in a custodial sentence.

Begging has been an issue in the city and surrounding areas for a number of years.

Police have previously highlighted particular spots as ‘lucrative for begging’, and advised people to donate to homeless charities rather than giving directly to someone begging.

Lincoln also has an Intervention Team that combats widespread problems of begging, drug abuse and addiction in the city.

The project is currently funded by the city council, Lincoln BIG, Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner and the NHS.