May 28, 2021 10.55 am This story is over 14 months old

LIVES first responders expand falls unit across Lincolnshire

Helping people who require urgent medical attention after a fall

Lincolnshire emergency response charity LIVES has officially launched a Falls Response Unit to support patients across the county.

LIVES has been providing the Falls Response Unit for over two years with a team of responders with specialist skill in Horncastle, and after a successful trial, they expanded the initiative.

The service, provided in partnership with NHS Lincolnshire and Lincolnshire County Council, ensures that patients who require urgent medical attention, after a 999 call as a result of a fall, will receive the care they require.

The LIVES falls response team attended over 1,100 emergency calls in the six months from October 2020to March 2021. Almost half of these patients were discharged at the scene.

Nikki Cooke, CEO of LIVES, said: “For many vulnerable members living alone in our community, something as simple as a fall could be the beginning of a horrific ordeal.

“The LIVES falls response team meets a fundamental need for members of our society, who suffer debilitating effects from a fall at home; to know someone is there.

“We’re on call to get to those low injury, yet potentially life changing events fast. We’re there to ensure our residents are never left alone for a second longer than necessary, following a fall that leaves them incapacitated.”

Nikki Cooke, CEO of LIVES, and Councillor Mrs Patricia Bradwell, Deputy Leader of Lincolnshire County Council.

Councillor Patricia Bradwell, Deputy Leader of Lincolnshire County Council, said: “This is an important service in a large rural county like ours and a real game changer for many people who would otherwise be left stranded waiting for help to arrive.

“It’s shown to have a significant impact on reducing hospital admissions, with just under half of patients avoiding a trip to the hospital as a result of being assessed and treated by the LIVES Falls team. And there are comprehensive care packages to prevent further falls.

“The ongoing reduction in recurrent falls should ease the pressure on front line health and social care services in the longer term.

“The delivery of the service remains a prime example of innovation and partnership in Lincolnshire through joint working across the health and care system, and with voluntary and community sector services.”

Meanwhile, LIVES were proud to have two of its volunteer Medic Responders feature in Channel 5’s recent programme A&E After Dark.

Critical Care Paramedic Simon Shingler and Critical Care Doctor Halden Hutchinson-Bazely featured in the episode on Monday, May 24 where they responded to a 999 call. LIVES had received an emergency alert of a female patient who had been hit by a car and needed urgent attention.

Simon Shingler, Critical Care Paramedic at LIVES.

Simon Shingler said: “LIVES is a charity that I respond for as a Critical Care Paramedic and that I am extremely passionate about.

“In 2020, I attended 145 incidents and delivered critical care at 36 of those incidents. This year, I have been busier still. So far this year I have attended 100 incidents and delivered critical care intervention at 32 of those.

“We work really closely with the local ambulance service, but they are not equipped to provide this level of care at some of the most serious of 999 calls, and rely on charities like LIVES to attend and provide this.

“This really can make a patients’ experience so much better and can sometimes mean the difference between life and death.”