May 23, 2021 10.27 am This story is over 30 months old

Meet PD Henry: Lincolnshire Police’s new digital media search dog

He accepts treats and petting as a salary

Lincolnshire Police have a new staff member on the force, except this one has a wagging tail and walks round on all fours.

PD Henry is the force’s latest recruit, and he joins as a digital media search dog, specialising in sniffing out mobile phones, SD cards and USB sticks among other technology.

He is the second digital media detection dog involved with Lincolnshire Police, along with PD Flurry who joined in August 2020.

Henry has somewhat of a magic nose, being specially trained to sniff out a variety of digital technology that may contain vital evidence in a case.

Don’t be fooled by his precious looks, PD Henry is here to help lock up the criminals! | Photo: Lincolnshire Police

Sergeant Thomas Richardson of the Dog Section at Lincolnshire Police said: “PD Henry is a very welcome addition to the team. He is our second ever digital media search dog.

“He joins PD Flurry, who licenced in August of last year. Digital media dogs help us search for digital devices, such as mobile phones, USB memory sticks and sim cards. An ability vital to our 21st century investigations.

“We are one of only a handful of forces in the UK with such capability to help the force meet the ever-changing picture of crime and criminality.

“These dogs are an incredible asset to the force and bring a search capability that no human could ever replicate.”