July 30, 2021 2.16 pm This story is over 34 months old

Council probes Smelly Skelly issues again after more complaints

Residents say the smell is getting worse

North Kesteven District Council are once again investigating complaints of unpleasant smells, loud noises and black residue pollution that continue to plague the village of Skellingthorpe near Lincoln.

On this occasion, the operating company says the dead animals brought via lorries to the rendering plant are causing the unpleasant smell, as stock accumulates at the facility — and warm summer temperatures are not helping the situation either.

Residents in the village, particularly on Jerusalem Road, have been frustrated by the issue for over two years due to the smell and noise coming from the factory run by A Hughes & Son — earning it the nickname of Smelly Skelly. North Kesteven District Council has received 59 complaints regarding this issue over the last week.

A black soot-like substance coming from the nearby animal rendering plant since at least last summer was reported to the district council and A Hughes & Son. More recently, a concerned resident contacted The Lincolnite about the air being “absolutely sickening this week and totally unbreathable today [Thursday].”

He said he exchanged emails with the environmental health team at the district council, who told him they already received a number of complaints regarding the odour in Skellingthorpe over the last three days.

The matter is being investigated by the council, who have visited the area with A Hughes & Son. The firm told The Lincolnite the council reportedly claimed the site was operating in accordance with its permit conditions.

Several residents in Skellingthorpe found their cars covered in the black soot like substance.

Alan Asker, Operations Manager at A Hughes & Son, said: “The hot weather has affected product being transported to the site which is outside our control.

“The UK rendering industry is unable to fully control odour generated from material carried in lorries, in much the same way the council cannot control odour from a refuse collection vehicle.

“All our providers of transport are registered and comply with the animal by-products regulations.

“A recent inspection from the NKDC Environmental Heath Team confirmed the site was operating in accordance with it permit conditions.”

A spokesperson for the council said: “We are aware, we are investigating and we have visited locally. There’s a lot of information to process and a further update will be given to those who have contacted us in the near future.”

Plans for the new animal by-products processing plant in Skellingthorpe.

In February this year, plans were unanimously approved to demolish the existing animal by-products processing plant and build a new processing plant at the farm on Jerusalem Road. The site is owned by Leo Group and run by A Hughes & Son, a company which was bought by Lincoln Proteins Ltd.

Meanwhile, we reported in May that Lincolnshire County Council will consider the re-submitted application for a controversial animal rendering plant in nearby Norton Disney.

Lincoln Proteins Ltd resubmitted their planning application for the facility at Villa Farm on Folly Lane after it was previously refused in February 2020 by Lincolnshire County Council amid concerns over heritage and location. Previous plans also prompted protests by residents who campaigned to “say no to the stink”.