July 28, 2021 5.15 pm This story is over 28 months old

RAF Waddington Vulcan gate guardian takes stock for repairs

A temporary move across camp

The gate guardian at RAF Waddington, the Vulcan XM607, has been moved for maintenance ahead of the 40th anniversary of the Falklands War.

It is one of three Vulcan bombers which took part in Operation Black Buck raids between April and June 1982 during the war.

Over the last couple of days, work has been ongoing to prepare the aircraft for period of recovery and preservation activity. This will see the Vulcan moved across camp by the Joint Aircraft Recovery and Transportation Squadron.

After a successful initial move, the aircraft was sat on the taxiway before its transit across unit at 1.30pm on Wednesday, July 28.

RAF Waddington posted on social media saying the “renovation work will take several months and will be well documented”.

The historic aircraft. | Photo: RAF Waddington

In other local Royal Air Force news, four Lightning aircraft from RAF Marham landed at RAF Coningsby, the first time this particular type of aircraft has landed at the Lincolnshire base.