July 8, 2021 4.31 pm This story is over 12 months old

‘Tornado’ funnel clouds appear over Lincolnshire

The whirlwind funnel caught the eye of readers

Large cloud funnels that look like mini tornadoes have emerged over Lincoln in the hot Thursday air.

Charlotte Major, a Lincolnite reader, sent in the pictures near to Welton on Thursday afternoon.

Tornadoes form when the weather is unstable and showery, forming narrow spinning columns of air that reach the ground from thunderstorm clouds.

A funnel emerged from the bottom of a dark cloud over Welton area. | Photo: Charlotte Major

Funnel shape clouds emerge from the base of the cloud, and once those funnels hit the ground it becomes a tornado, but more often than not they will not reach the floor before dying out.

It appeared over the Lincoln area during a very muggy Thursday which saw highs of over 20℃ in the city, but lingering possibilities of rain showers and thunderstorms too.

Luckily it did not expand into a tornado. | Photo: Charlotte Major