October 26, 2021 4.14 pm This story is over 25 months old

‘Like a miracle’: Woman reunited with biological father after 58 years

Julie and Brian have been reunited!

A woman living in Lincolnshire has been reunited with her biological father after 58 years thanks to the help of a Facebook group.

When Julie Lund was around 12-years-old she found out that the dad she lived with was her adopted father.

Due to family circumstances she never knew much information about her real dad but, after her mum and step dad passed away earlier this year, she decided to try and find him.

The 59-year-old posted a childhood picture on a Facebook group called ‘Dewsbury Pictures Old and New’.

After four days and numerous people online offering their help her father, Brian Rothery, was found and the two were reunited on October 12 this year.

After being reunited with her father, Julie told BBC Yorkshire: “I was just amazed, it was like a piece of jigsaw had fallen into place. Without the people of Dewsbury and the Facebook group this wouldn’t have happened.”

Her father Brian added: “It’s very much like a miracle, and I don’t believe in miracles. A great big thank you. She means a heck of a lot to me.”