March 31, 2022 10.25 am

Lincoln City suspend playing Dambusters March amid war in Ukraine

The use of air raid sirens also suspended

Lincoln City have made the decision to temporarily suspend the playing of the Dambusters March theme and sounding air raid sirens at the LNER Stadium, amid tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

The famous theme tune to the Dambusters movie is sung proudly by Imps fans at matches to spur on the team.

In an update to supporters chief executive Liam Scully said the decision had been made “in the context of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine” and will be reviewed.

He said he understands the decision “may polarise views” but asked for “support and backing with this conclusion”.

Regarding air raid sirens and the Dambusters March, he said: “Firstly, at the most recent supporters board meeting we discussed at length the merits of the air raid sirens we hear before corners at the LNER Stadium and the use of the Dambusters March which we play in the build-up to games in the context of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

“As a club we are very aware of our heritage and wish to ensure we strike an appropriate balance between our long-standing synonymous gestures and actions, along with being socially aware and generally good citizens.

“The supporters board and I discussed the topic at great length and we collectively concluded it would be appropriate to temporarily suspend the use of the sirens and for the club to stop playing the Dambusters March for the rest of this season.

“I’m sure everyone has their own opinions on this matter and I fully accept our position is not flawless. While I understand this decision may polarise views, could I expressly comment that it is not our intention to divide.

“In the spirit that this decision was made, please could I ask for your support and backing with this conclusion, which was a very challenging matter to navigate.

“Can I be clear that there is a commitment to reviewing this decision in the close season and we will communicate further on this matter following our summer review.”

Read Liam Scully’s full message to supporters here.