March 30, 2022 3.00 pm

Stranger’s ‘carelessly discarded cigarette’ causes Lincoln conservatory fire

Flames were seen shooting through the hedge too

A Lincoln man ran outside to see flames shooting out of his hedge in a fire, which Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue has said was caused by a “carelessly discarded cigarette”.

Crews from Lincoln South Fire Station attended a hedgerow and conservatory fire on Poplar Street shortly after 7pm on Tuesday, March 29. One hose reel was used to extinguish the fire.

Bradley Wall lives in the property with his housemate Piotr, neither of whom smoke. Bradley told The Lincolnite he saw some smoke coming over in the front garden and initially thought someone was having a BBQ.

The fire melted the corner of the conservatory roof. | Photo: Bradley Wall

He said: “I then looked out and could see more smoke so ran out to the front of the garden and saw the hedge was kicking out a tonne of thick smoke.

“Initially I thought someone had put a smoke bomb in the hedge as all of a sudden flames shot through. The flames appeared out of nowhere and were huge.

“I called 999 and was advised to get everyone out of the house. My housemate and I were throwing buckets of water to stop the conservatory catching fire.

“The fire brigade arrived within minutes and put the fire out. The hedge is now gone and the conservatory smells of smoke.

“The roof has melted in the corner of the conservatory and there is a shattered window on the outside of the glass, but it could very easily have been a whole lot worse.

“Something would have to be thrown in to cause it, which is the scary bit.

“I woke up in the middle of the night wondering why someone would do it. Part of me thinks someone did it on purpose, not maliciously but just being an idiot.”

The fire totally destroyed the hedge. | Photo: Bradley Wall

Bradley reported the incident to Lincolnshire Police, who The Lincolnite has contacted for a statement.

He added: “I just want to thank the fire brigade for how quick they were. There was so much smoke, it could have been a different outcome.

“I have never had any issues in nine years of living here, it is a nice area. People in the local community have been supportive and a builder has offered his help.”

Bradley said his insurance won’t replace the hedges, but would have done had it been a fence. He said they are sending someone out to assess the damage of the conservatory.