May 31, 2022 8.00 am This story is over 18 months old

Call for ‘public discussion’ over continued attacks on Thatcher statue in Grantham

Iron Lady ‘shouldn’t have to be imprisoned’

Residents in Grantham have been speaking out about the attacks facing the town’s new Margaret Thatcher statue, with locals saying the memorial shouldn’t have to be ‘imprisoned’ in fencing.

It comes after the statue had eggs thrown at it the same day it was unveiled on May 15, and then at the weekend it was defaced with red paint, and a hammer and sickle spray-painted on the fence around it.

“Something should be done to protect it… she [Margaret Thatcher] was born here, she was our first lady prime minister, I think it’s just disgusting,” said one woman.

The statue of the former Prime Minister was attacked again on Saturday night.

And another person called for a public discussion to be organised to listen to people to find out why they are attacking the statue.

Another man added: “It’s very cheap and easy for someone to just pick something up and come here in the middle of the night and throw it on there [the statue].”