June 23, 2022 3.30 pm

Council to rebuild sinkhole road after three-year nightmare

Holbeach residents hope it’ll be over soon

Lincolnshire County Council announced a three week rebuild for a road plagued by a persistent sinkhole for over three years.

However, the authority still has to wait for Anglian Water to finish its works on Boston Road South, in Holbeach.

Those living nearby have been living a “nightmare” for three years, as repairs to the sinkhole have been ongoing since 2019.

The council said in a statement on Thursday that its own crews were as frustrated by the length of time as residents and businesses.

The water company is expected to finish on Friday, July 1, which will allow LCC to start its “extensive” rebuild.

Anglian Water last week denied claims a new pipeline had already sheared. It said it was relining the sewers which was a “complicated process”.

The sink hole repairs on Boston Road South have been going on for a number of years. | Image: Daniel Jaines

Lincolnshire County Council’s work includes a full, two-phase, reconstruction of the site – removing any affected substrate and replacing it with a multi-layered material build around the asset that bosses said “will shore-up the area and return it to normal use”.

The first part will take care of the sub-layer of the road and the second part of the rebuild plan will deliver the road surface and markings.

The road will remain closed until the works are completed.

Residents said more drainage works appeared to be taking place than they usually noticed on Thursday. | Image: Daniel Jaines

Cllr Richard Davies, executive member for highways said: “The exploration into the cause of the sinkhole at the site – and the plans on how to rebuild this area in the best way to arrest the unique problems encountered – has seen an extensive amount of work undertaken by us and our partners.

“The news that we will finally be able to get on with the job we’ve waited months to get to is very welcome.

“The frustration over these delays felt by residents and businesses, as well as our own engineers and crews, is something that we are acutely aware of.”

He said work would be carried out “as quickly and efficiently as possible” to prevent further delays.

Neighbours last week reported engineers had been on site until at least 9pm on Wednesday night, longer than they have in the past three years.

Ken Coates said the works had been a “nightmare”. | Photo: Daniel Jaines

They described the last few years as a “nightmare” and “farcical”. Despite several repair attempts the road continues to cause issues.

Anglian Water said: “Our teams are continuing to work in Boston Road South to reline the sewer to ensure it continues to provide a resilient infrastructure to the local residents,” said a spokesperson.

“We have no issues with the pipe itself, the relining is a complicated process and will take time to complete, this work is proactive maintenance work and not as a result of any sewer collapse.”

They told reporters that camera surveys had previously shown the sewer was “in good condition” and that “proactive work” would build resilience.