August 11, 2022 9.54 am This story is over 22 months old

Cyclist seriously injured after fallen tree left on bike path

“In hindsight, it should have been removed as soon as possible”

A cyclist was seriously injured after colliding with a tree that was partially blocking a Lincoln bike path.

Council officers were aware of the danger before the accident and said that, in hindsight, it should have been removed immediately.

It collision occurred on the cycle path between Dixon Street and Altham Terrace.

The fallen willow tree has now been removed.

City of Lincoln Council’s Arborcultural Officer Evan Murray told a council meeting: “We were aware of the tree before the accident, but unfortunately didn’t get to it in time.

“We try and be proactive and remove [trees which pose an issue] as soon as possible.

“The whole cycle path wasn’t blocked. When it was first inspected, we thought that there was an obvious deterrent to move around it.

“If it was blocking the whole footpath, it would have been dealt with urgently. A contractor was booked to remove it as normal.

“In hindsight, it should have been removed as soon as possible.”

Councillors were told that it wasn’t known if the cyclist was pursuing a claim against the council.

Retrospective permission was given to remove the tree and replace it with another willow, which would be located a safe distance away from the cycle path.