August 5, 2022 9.52 am

Homophobic and anti-semitic graffiti among vandalism cleaned up in Boston

Cleaning up, but not finding the culprit(s)

Council cleaners in Boston have had to tackle homophobic and anti-semitic graffiti, images have shown.

Boston Town Area Committee will receive a verbal update on the work of the group’s TAC Operatives on Thursday.

The meeting’s agenda includes a series of images of the kinds of cleaning-up the council has made.

They include an image of Hitler in Nazi imagery with phrases including “Achtung Juden (Attention Jews)”.

In another image the words “Pride” and “LGBTQ Trash” are scrawled onto a bin.

Homophobic writing intimated LGBTQ communities should get in the bin. | Image: Boston Borough Council

Images also show general tags, sexual words and pictures along with what appears to be the logo of a Polish football supporters club – Blue England.

In each case, another image shows the area after it has ben cleaned up.

Ward councillor Neill John Hastie hit out at the criminal acts.

“This sort of vile graffiti is just pure vandalism and hatred and has no place in Boston.

“I’m digusted that there are still people in the town that think its ok.”

| Image: Boston Borough Council

He said that during a previous BTAC site visit to the area, he had seen a “lovely pirate picture on a park fence which improved the look and feel of the park”.

He also requested that the committee look into installing boards in central park specifically, so street artists can display their work with Boston Borough Council’s permission.

He said it would be to the benefit of Boston. Neighbouring Spalding recently approved a similar scheme outside the Castle Sports Complex.

A tag for what appears to be a Polish Football Supporters club. | Image: Boston Borough Council

A spokesperson for the council said: “The BTAC Operatives undertake work in the town centre area to enhance the cleaning and attractiveness of the town, including work such as repainting street furniture, cleaning signage and bins, replacing bins, repairing failed structures, removing graffiti in the area and specific project work such as installing new benches etc.”

They added, however, there was no current information available in respect to catching graffiti offenders.

| Image: Boston Borough Council

| Image: Boston Borough Council

| Image: Boston Borough Council