April 26, 2023 5.00 pm This story is over 14 months old

Lincolnshire TikTok star on what it’s like to live in the Tower of London

Living with her dad who is a Beefeater

A woman born in Boston has attracted over six million likes on her TikTok videos documenting life living in the Tower of London.

Megan Clawson went to school in Boston but later moved into the Tower of London with her dad Chris who is a Yeoman Warder – better known as a Beefeater.

Megan started posting TikTok videos about life in the Tower which have fascinated her followers.

She has also published a rom-com novel ‘Falling Hard for the Royal Guard’, (available to buy in Waterstones and online) about a woman called Maggie who also resides in the iconic building.

Former Boston High School pupil Megan once skipped a university lecture because she “found out the future King had just popped over to my home to visit and give cake to the Beefeaters, and my dad had to provide his armed escort.”

However, she says that not everyone believes her that she lives in the Tower.

One TikTok video titled ‘I wish someone told me before I moved into the Tower’ attracted around 4.3 million views – see Megan’s TikTok profile here.

Here’s what she has learnt from living in the London landmark:

  1. “Don’t hang your knickers on the washing line outside, especially when your washing line is next to a site of execution. There’s millions of people walking through your home every year. Far too many people have seen my pants.”
  2. “Always give yourself ten more minutes than you actually need to get out of the Tower because, unless you’re getting stuck in-between a Beefeater tour or in-between a gaggle of year sevens on a school trip, there is always somebody that you know in the Tower that wants a conversation and then you end up 20 minutes late.”
  3. “Don’t order a takeaway during the Ceremony Of The Keys. The platoon of guardsman, the chief Yeoman Warder, and the watchmen on guard are not stopping that 700-year-old ceremony for anybody’s pepperoni pizza.”

So what is Megan’s favourite thing about living in the Tower of London?

“Of course, people expect me to answer things like living in a castle inside central London or pretending I’m a princess on weekends, but it is actually this…” she says showing a delivery of doughnuts.

She adds that one of the Tower volunteers called Arthur “comes round and hand delivers doughnuts to us every Saturday morning.”

In another video, Megan talks about some of the ‘best worst reviews’ tourists have left.

A one-star review was left by somebody who claimed the warden told them “the ghost of Anne Boleyn wanders the grounds carrying her own head” but the disappointed visitor left saying “I didn’t see it”.

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