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The far-right poster boy organising Scampton protest in Lincoln

Calling for illegal asylum seekers to be turned away by force

By Local Democracy Reporter

A far-right nationalist organiser of the RAF Scampton protest in Lincoln has called for all asylum centre plans across the country to be halted, calling refugees “uninvited aliens”.

Alek Yerbury previously belonged to fascist group Patriotic Alternative, which stoked racial tensions at a Skegness march in February.

Ex-British Army soldier Yerbury, 27, lives in Leeds – around 90 miles away from the Lincolnshire RAF based poised to house around 2,000 refugees.

He has been reproached widely for his choice to style himself on Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler, including a slicked combover haircut and toothbrush mustache.

Alek says the comparison is “ludicrous, non-serious and non-offensive.”

He has organised a march in Lincoln city centre on Saturday opposing the Home Office’s Scampton plans, saying there shouldn’t be asylum centres anywhere in the country.

While counter-protesters from the Lincoln Trades Council will call for refugees to be given safe, legal routes to enter, Alek Yerbury wants to see military force prevent refugees claiming asylum in the UK.

Yerbury told The Lincolnite: “The sort of man whose solution to his homeland in peril, is to abandon his family, his home and his friends in order to go cap in hand across the world and plead for a handout, is not the sort of man who could ever be useful to society.

“And I will say that without any hypocrisy, having been in the army myself.”

| Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

He says immigration is an “existential issue that trancends the minutaiae of ideology”, and says people like the organisers “seek to resolve these problems once and for all”, while “far left” opposition “seek to make the problems even worse for political gain.”

“My solution to the migrant crisis would be to require anyone wishing to claim any kind of asylum in Britain to present themselves to a British Embassy or Consulate overseas and raise the issue there.

“I do not recognise or accept any inherent ‘right’ for foreigners to be given asylum in this country.

“As to those who enter illegally, particularly across the channel, what I propose is that such people be given the opportunity to turn away of their own accord, or else be compelled to do so by military force, as would occur with any other hostile entity.”

His prominence at far-right demonstrations and emulation of Adolf Hitler has earned him growing infamy.

He adds: “The world has largely moved on from issues that are now virtually beyond living memory.”

Read more on the government’s plans to house up to 2000 asylum seekers at the recently retired RAF base here.

The Lincoln Trades Council have described the protest organisers as “Nazi organisers from Leeds” who are hijacking local concerns about RAF Scampton for their own benefit.

Alek denies this, saying: “It will not be an acceptable outcome to just move the problem into the next constituency, or find another village to victimise.

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“The government has announced plans to house uninvited aliens in shipping containers. I do not want them in the country, whether they are in shipping containers or not.”

Alek accepts that his comments are divisive, but he claims “no reasonable person could find such observations offensive.”

Organsiers have claimed that support for the rally will be “wider than just Lincolnshire” and not tied to any one particular group.

| Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

Yerbury says he left the Patriotic Alternative group following “differences in strategies that I believe need to be employed in order to achieve results.”

He holds the government accountable for the RAF Scampton proposal, saying he “despises the Conservative Party” for “repeated betrayals of the British population.”

He says he “doesn’t blame refugees”, instead placing blame at the door of “internationalists, leftists and communists” who “created the problem in Scampton to begin with, and continue to make the problem even worse.”

Alek says the messaging of this protest is clear: “Not in Scampton, Not in Britain.”

RAF Scampton signs have been removed | Photo: James Turner

“We will not accept an asylum centre in Scampton, and we will not accept one anywhere else in this country either.

“What we are hoping to achieve on Saturday is to mobilise and marshall the forces at our disposal, that are prepared to actively demand a resolution regarding the Scampton issue.

“Once we have done this, we will know what level of support we can bring to bear on the council, Home Office and their allies in order to achieve the resolution that we desire.”

Lincolnshire Police are in communication with both groups, and will be in attendance on Saturday to try and keep proceedings as peaceful as possible.

A third Scampton group made of local residents, Save Our Scampton, has distanced itself from both of this weekend’s protests, saying it is “absolutely not the message we would like to send.”

What is the protestors’ solutions to the migrant crisis?

Protestors recently gathered in Skegness to make a stand against the proposals for RAF Scampton | Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

While the Patriotic Alternative wants to end all asylum claims to the UK, the Trade Union Council hopes to create safe, legal routes for those fleeing conflict.

The group criticises the government’s Illegal Migration Bill and says it is not the right way to address the crisis.

A spokesperson for the Lincoln Trades Council says: “The fact is that the far right have gained confidence from the Conservative Government’s hostile environment and Illegal Migration Bill which seeks to criminalise refugees fleeing war, oppression and climate catastrophe.

“We call for safe routes which ensure that people have the ability to flee their homeland and find safe refuge.”

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