May 5, 2023 5.00 pm This story is over 5 months old

Urban explorers film abandoned RAF Scampton buildings

Video shows the disused accommodation and mess hall

Footage inside the former RAF Scampton officers’ mess has been posted online by urban explorers.

A group calling themselves Abandoned UK entered the disused building on the airbase.

The video shows security at the base appear to search for intruders, but the group claim they were successful in getting out without being caught.

Urban exploring is controversial as participants often break the law to enter disused buildings or areas, and can put themselves at risk of harm.

The footage from RAF Scampton, owned by the Ministry of Defence, shows three men exploring former accommodation and mess halls.

The disused bar in a former mess hall | Photo: Abandoned UK/YouTube

Although the airbase formally closed last year, the rooms appear to have been derelict much longer than that.

At one point they remark “There’s so much decay”.

One YouTube comment from a former RAF member identified the rooms as “no.1 and no.2 anterooms, the main dining room and the bar where we spent many happy hours.”

He added that the dog of Guy Gibson (leader of the Dambusters raid) allegedly haunts the bottom of the stairs on the east wing, although there was no sign on the film.

After leaving the building, members of security are seen patrolling the area, apparently aware that there are intruders.

A large hall  | Photo: Abandoned UK/YouTube

Remnants of life on the base are still visible in places, from kitchen equipment and posters to raffle spinners. 

The video has been viewed nearly 4000 times since it was uploaded.

The RAF Scampton airbase is to be used for temporarily housing asylum seekers under Home Office plans.

However, the government says it won’t harm the base’s heritage, meaning the accommodation blocks seen in the video would likely be untouched.

The group have also filmed inside Lincolnshire’s RAF Manby as well as closed theme parks, hospitals and farmhouses.