December 23, 2023 8.00 pm

Christmas market meltdown: Lincoln’s festive fiasco fuels fiery backlash

Calls to bring back the Lincoln Christmas Market are intensifying

In a move that has sparked widespread discontent and ridicule, the City of Lincoln Council’s decision to cancel the popular Christmas Market in 2023 has left a bitter taste in the mouths of many, especially as businesses reel from the impact of a market-less festive period.

The Labour-led council’s abrupt termination of the 40-year-old yuletide tradition, citing overcrowding and safety concerns, has not only dampened the city’s festive spirit but also raised serious questions about its commitment to local traditions and the economy.

Last year’s market, which attracted a record-breaking 320,000 visitors, exceeded its capacity by a staggering 70,000, leading to some chaotic scenes and safety concerns. The Safety Advisory Group’s stark warning that no event plan could safely manage such a high influx of visitors was the final nail in the coffin for the market.

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