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The owner of the world’s largest collection of beer cans ventured to Lincoln all the way from Pennsylvania, USA, in the hope of finding new specimens to add to his House of Beer Cans.

But Jeff Lebo seemed disappointed that he had not yet found anything at the Lincolnshire Showground Antiques Fair, three miles north of the city.

“So far I’ve found nothing of interest,” Lebo said.

“Most of the cans I’m looking for were melted down in the ‘30s and ‘40s to help with the war effort so they’re very hard to come across over here.”

Although he has had no luck in finding any beer cans, Lebo said this was not a wasted journey for him.

“I’ve made a lot of useful contacts since I’ve been here and my search isn’t over yet.

“Later today I’m going to another antique fair in Newark and a few antique malls in the south of the county.

“Once I’ve covered England, I’ll head to Scotland and Wales as well to see what I can find.”

The Pennsylvanian, who also runs a landscaping company and his own record label back home, was impressed with Lincoln.

“I love the city with all its history. The people are friendly and have made me feel very welcome,” he said.

Lebo’s collection got so big that he built a house to store all the beer cans, which is bigger than the one he lives in.

Each room is dedicated to a different part of the world, with a whole room dedicated to the UK.

“I already have about 10,000 cans from Britain but I’m sure there are still some out there.

“In the past I’ve paid up to $1,000 for certain cans so anyone out there with information should get in touch.”

Lebo will be in the UK until April 16.

Photo: Kelly Moore for The Lincolnite

The proud owner of the world’s largest beer can collection will be visiting Lincoln next month.

Jeff Lebo from Pennsylvania is attending the Lincolnshire Antique Fair at the Lincolnshire Showground in search of new additions.

Jeff began collecting in 1975 and has amassed over 80,000 different types of beer can. He hopes to cover every county in the UK in his worldwide hunt.

In particular, he is looking for cone and flat top beer cans that were produced by The Metal Box Company between 1936 to 1965.

A cone top can is similar in shape to a brasso can. A flat top requires a special opener to get at the contents.

Mr. Lebo, a self-confessed fan of British real ales said:  “I will be attending the Antique Fair at the Lincolnshire Showground between the April 4 and 6.

“I figured that would be a good place to start.”

Anyone who knows the whereabouts of any cone or flat top cans is invited to email Jeff at [email protected].

Photo: IWGazette