South Holland

Response officers will be based at Holbeach Police Station from next week to provide 24 hour cover of the market town.

Holbeach has had a small neighbourhood policing team in recent years, but the previous operation set up saw the main response to 999 and 101 calls provided by officers from the Spalding station.

From Monday, October 26, response officers will also be based and work from Holbeach to provide cover for the Lincolnshire town, the Suttons and surrounding villages.

The response officers will work alongside their colleagues in Spalding and in partnership with the local neighbourhood team.

It will help the force expand its coverage in South Holland. | Photo: Lincolnshire Police

Inspector Nick Waters, of the South Holland Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “I look forward to the officers moving to Holbeach.

“The area of South Holland is vast, almost 300 square miles in size. Travelling distance can prove a real challenge to us when responding to incidents, conducting crime enquiries and targeting criminals.

“By basing officers at Holbeach we expand our coverage in South Holland and spread our resources better across the district.

“A trial period, during which we assessed the impact of one team of officers working at Holbeach, has demonstrated an improvement in response times to incidents, a closer working relationship with local neighbourhood officers and improved local knowledge.”

A major rebrand of the Holbeach Food Enterprise Zone as part of the “UK Food Valley” is hoped to put Lincolnshire firmly on the map as the food capital of the country.

The zone is a major development led by Lincolnshire County Council and delivered in partnership with the University of Lincolnshire, South Holland District Council and the Greater Lincolnshire LEP.

The new valley will stretch from Holbeach all the way across to the West Midlands, but economy chief at LCC Councillor Colin Davie says the FEZ will be “at the heart”.

“Holbeach is critically important to the development of the food sector in Lincolnshire. We have decided to give it a clear identity so people understand the importance of the county in the food chain.”

Food processing jobs in Greater Lincolnshire represent 23% of poultry, 19% of fruit, 17% of ready meals and over 50% of the fish processing jobs in England.

Photo: Greater Lincolnshire LEP

“We can easily say Lincolnshire is the food capital of the UK, because it provides an eighth of the country’s food,” said Councillor Davie.

“This is very much about reminding government and the nation that Lincolnshire is strategically important for what they put on their table.”

When finished, Councillor Davie said the area would provide Holbeach residents with high quality and high paid jobs.

The Holbeach FEZ is hoped will have more than 59,500m2 of work space and 900 residential units.

It includes an institute of technology and major companies working on the automation and robotics industry will be targeted for investment into the area.

It recently received £8million from the government’s Getting Building Fund to create an extra 220 metres of road and construct a new “hub building”.

The University of Lincoln’s Centre of Excellence is due for completion early next year while the ‘Hub Centre’ hopes to open by March 2022.

Five police officers were injured and four people were arrested after an illegal rave in Holbeach St Marks.

Lincolnshire Police said they were made aware of an unlicensed music event taking part in a rural area of the village at around 4am on Sunday, September 20.

Around 200 people were at the event and officers engaged with some of those involved. They monitored the event through the night and it concluded by 3pm on Sunday.

Five officers suffered minor injuries and four people were arrested – two for violence and two for possession of drugs.

Detective Chief Superintendent Jon McAdam said in addition to having to manage the illegal rave, a number of their officers attending various incidents across the county were also assaulted over the weekend.

He said: “Our officers do not come to work to be assaulted. None of this is acceptable at any time, but during a national pandemic where we are seeing COVID-19 cases rising it is beyond words what people are actually thinking by organising and attending these events. Play your part and do not support such events.

“We all have a responsibility to do what we can do, to take the steps that are required to stop the transmission and to abide by regulations so we can prevent this disease moving further through the country.”

Recent changes to coronavirus regulations mean that the number of people that can attended social gatherings was restricted from 30 to six people.

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