February 11, 2024 6.45 pm

Meet Mr Pink: Spalding’s first male Flower Queen finalist

Can Keith Ratcliff blossom for this year’s Spalding Flower Parade?

In a vibrant twist to tradition, Keith Ratcliff, fondly known as Mr Pink, is making headlines as the first male finalist in the race for the coveted title of Flower Queen at Spalding’s annual Flower Parade. We caught up with Keith to delve into his groundbreaking journey to the finals.

The Spalding Flower Parade, a spectacle of colour and community spirit, first blossomed in 1959, becoming a cherished annual event until its hiatus in 2013 due to financial constraints. Last year, under the stewardship of Stephen Timewell and his wife Sandra, alongside a dedicated team of volunteers, the parade bloomed once again, reinstating its place in the heart of the community.

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