May 25, 2010 3.34 pm This story is over 169 months old

Geoff Kirby sworn in as new Lincoln Mayor

Familiar face: Geoff Kirby, a guide at the Lincoln Cathedral, has been sworn in as the new Mayor of Lincoln.

Councillor Geoff Kirby (pictured) has been officially sworn in as the 804th Mayor of Lincoln, at a ceremony in Guildhall, on Tuesday, May 25th.

Kirby follows previous Mayor David Gratrick to take on the civic role as the First Citizen of Lincoln, which has existed since 1206.

During the proceedings, the outgoing and incoming civic parties, including the City Sheriff and the Deputy Mayor, exchanged robes and the new Mayor was sworn in by the Town Clerk.

Kirby, who is a guide at Lincoln Cathedral, has chosen to raise money for the maintenance of the building, as well as for homelessness charity, the Nomad Trust and Weirfield Wildlife Hospital.

As the First Citizen of Lincoln, the Mayor is an ambassador of Lincoln, welcoming visitors from overseas as well as the general public on the city’s behalf.

“As I work as a guide at the cathedral, I’d like to bring people a lot closer to it – not necessarily to pray, but just to know a bit more. It means so much to the city, but there are things about it that people don’t know,” said Kirby.

The new Civic Party being sworn in also included Roy South as the City Sheriff and Councillor Kathleen Brothwell as Deputy Mayor.

Source, Photo: City of Lincoln Council