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Hot weather triggers spew of burglaries

Hot spell: Burglars took advantage of unsecured doors and windows to steal goods from seven properties.

— Updated @ 17:34 with the seventh reported burglary.

Hot weather over the past weekend led to a chain of burglaries in the city. Lincolnites left their doors or windows open for better ventilation during the hot spell, allowing burglars to take advantage and steal goods from seven properties.

Lincolnshire Police report that seven households were burgled between Friday, May 21st and the early hours of Monday, May 24th, as a result of homeowners leaving their premises unsecured to escape the heat wave.

Seven burglaries in four days

Two households in Meadowlake Crescent have been burgled this weekend. The first incident happened between 4.30pm on May 21st and 10am on May 22nd, when offenders entered via an unlocked back door and stole a handbag from the hall.

The second Meadowlake Crescent burglary took place some time between 3am and 8am on May 23rd, when offenders entered the property via an unlocked back door and stole a purse, a mobile phone, cigarettes and loose change.

A third property, in Rochester Drive, was burgled some time between 10pm on May 22nd and 5am on May 23rd. Entry was gained via an insecure kitchen window, and a handbag was reportedly stolen.

On May 22nd, a burglary occurred between 2am and 10am, at a ground floor flat in Riverside Drive. An offender entered the property via an open window and stole a wallet and car keys. The keys were then used to steal the car, a silver Vauxhall Vectra, registration number W874 GAP.

A house in Newport was also burgled some time before 10.15pm on May 21st. The offender(s) are believed to have entered the property via an insecure door. The householder was watching television in the living room whilst the offender(s) searched the remainder of the house. It is unknown what, if anything, was stolen.

Lastly, a burglary was committed overnight between May 23rd-24th at a house on Woodfield Avenue. It is believed that the offender(s) entered the house and obtained some car keys. They stole some cash from a purse, and then used the car keys to steal a five-door silver Peugeot 308, registration number FY09 CCX.

— Later update: The seventh burglary took place at a property in Grosvenor Avenue, between 9pm on May 23rd and 11am on May 24th. A handbag and a purse were stolen from the kitchen. It is unknown how the offender entered the property, as there were no signs of forced entry.

Call for better security during hot weather

In the light of the recent burglaries, Police are warning householders to remember home security during the hot weather, calling for owners not to leave open doors and windows unattended, regardless of whether they are in the property.

“It’s tempting to leave doors and windows open in the hot weather, but residents should remember that this time of year can make for easy pickings for criminals and opportunist burglars,” says Mark Housley, Community Safety Chief Inspector at Lincolnshire Police’s West Division.

“If a door or window is left open, it should be in sight, to avoid sneak-in. Always lock windows or doors, even if you are just leaving the room for a short while. It only takes minutes for an offender to get inside, steal something and then get back out again without being noticed,” Housley added.

Anyone who saw or heard any suspicious activity in their area is asked to contact Lincolnshire Police on 0300 111 0300.

Source: Lincolnshire Police | Photo: Google Earth