May 10, 2010 8.55 am This story is over 166 months old

Tritton Road works to cause weeks of delays

Queue starts here: The first phase of Tritton Road’s overhaul will take seven weeks to complete, with more works starting August.

Lincolnites should expect weeks of traffic queues, as works will begin on Tritton Road, one of the busiest roads in the city. The first phase will take place at the Moorland Way junction from 17 May, which is due completion within seven weeks.

As part of a planning application to expand the Sainsbury’s store, a series of highways changes and enhancements are required, the County Council claim. It is then anticipated that from August onwards, work on the Tritton Road junctions with Doddington Road, Moorland Avenue and Skellingthorpe Road will be carried out.

Better road for motorists and pedestrians

The Tritton Road works are initiated due to a planning application from Sainsbury’s to expand their store. The project will cost £0.5 million, out of which £100,000 will be footed by the County Council, and the majority of £400,000 by Sainsbury’s.

The County Council will close the Moorland Avenue junction with Tritton Road and add a Toucan crossing. There will also be a new traffic signal camera which will supply real-time travel information and monitor traffic flow.

“The highways works will improve access, safety and traffic flow for store and retail park customers, as well as local people using the wider network,” said Andy Yeomans, Sainsbury’s Store Manager.

Even more road works from August to October

Work at the Doddington Road junction with Tritton Road will include layout changes to remove the current problem of vehicles wishing to go straight on being forced to queue behind vehicles waiting to turn right. A new Toucan crossing will also be installed and old traffic signals will be replaced.

The Skellingthorpe Road scheme will extend the southbound inside lane to help counter the queuing problem. This road-widening should increase the capacity of the road, creating a better flow for traffic, which will be carried out under a lane closure.

“Some road closures will inevitably be required, but we will keep Tritton Road open with traffic management in operation controlling the traffic. A webpage is being developed where people can keep up to date with the latest information and we have already contacted the emergency services and Stagecoach,” said Dave Underwood, Senior Highways Officer at Lincolnshire County Council.

Source: Lincolnshire County Council | Photo: Google Street View | Related reports: Lincolnshire Echo, BBC