October 12, 2010 1.32 pm This story is over 159 months old

Lincoln in top Internet speed areas

Faster? Lincoln has been ranked in a survey as one of the top places in the UK for broadband speed.

A national broadband speed survey revealed that Lincoln is in the top five areas in the UK with the fastest Internet connection speeds.

The survey, carried out by Broadband Expert, collated data from over 52,000 speed tests across the country, and put Lincoln in the fifth spot.

According to the survey, Lincolnites are experiencing average broadband speeds of 7.36Mbps, based on 446 tests from users in the city.

Lincoln’s broadband speed was marginally slower than Wigan’s 7.37Mbps, which was ranked number four in the report.

The fastest average speeds were recorded in Liverpool and Cleveland, while the slowest were in Galashiels and Dumfries with just over 2.8Mbps.

The tests were carried out from March to August this year.

“Our results show that there are vast disparities between broadband speeds across the UK,” said Rob Webber, commercial director of Broadband Expert.

“Towns and cities only 50 miles apart differ by speeds of 3.12 Mbps or more,” Webber went on to explain.

Webber’s claims are especially true in the Lincolnshire area, where a pigeon transporting data was faster than a rural computer during tests in September.

A carrier pigeon transported a computer memory card between two counties quicker than a computer on rural broadband could upload a video in the race.

Source: Broadband Expert