November 18, 2010 11.46 am This story is over 158 months old

Research by hospital consultant wins award

Winning work: A surgeon in Lincoln has won an international health award following his research on a new surgery.

A Lincoln County Hospital Orthapedic consultant, Professor Mohammad Maqsood, won a prestigious international award for his research.

Maqsood presented two research papers on knee fracture and cartilage repair to the German-Syrian Orthopaedic Association at a conference in Syria.

One of the papers, entitled Locking percutaneous plating for fracture around the knee joint, was selected as Best Research Paper of the conference.

He said: “I am delighted to achieve this prestigious award and feel honoured by the appreciation from an international forum of highly skilled trauma and orthopaedic surgeons from all over the world.”

The winning paper described an almost non-invasive technique to fix fractures around a knee joint, pioneered by himself.

Minimal damage is caused to soft tissue in the body, so the patient doesn’t need plaster casts or other immobilisation splints after surgery.

He said in his speech: “A fracture is a soft tissue injury with broken bone inside. This highlights the importance of muscles, tendons and ligaments to broken bones.

“In the past surgeons were only concentrating on mending the broken bones and placing less importance on soft tissues, which achieves less desirable results.”

In his presentation, Professor Maqsood used examples from the procedures he has already done at Lincoln County Hospital.

Source, Photo: ULHT