November 17, 2010 3.13 pm This story is over 160 months old

10 Top tips from employers to job seekers

Get a job: Employers shared tips with job seekers on how to get a job with them at the Lincoln Careers Fair.

At a time when jobs can be difficult to find, The Lincolnite went to the Careers Fair organised by the University of Lincoln at the Engine Shed to hear from over 50 top employers what they wanted from Lincoln job seekers.

Loyalty: One of the key things mentioned, especially by Production Manager Lotty McWilliam for Eon Media, was that loyalty to their company was “key”, showing commitment to the company or potential employer.

Enthusiasm: was also mentioned by many employers as important. Lincoln Co-operative worker Faye Amberson said: “It would be great if the employee had enthusiasm about the job.”

Passion: Another top tip would be displaying passion for the company. Lee Johnson from Rock Star games said it was key, especially for his line of work, to have some love for the job: “You need passion, and for this job it needs to be for games.”

Friendliness: Rockstar’s Johnson also said that this is a desirable quality from a possible employee, particularly “a nice bloke,” easy to get on with.

Creativity: Displaying some imagination got the head nodding for Eon Media Lotty McWilliam, who found “showing some creativity” made a candidate stand out.

Well prepared: A huge factor of getting a job was bought up by Business Link’s Mike Gibbs, who said preparation was absolutely vital for success to getting a job and maintain a successful career.

Willing: Eon Media produced another key tip: “We want people to be willing to put themselves out there and show confidence in their work.”

Know your market: A big thing for self-employed and employed workers. Mike Gibbs said: “Understanding your customer base and what they want is a big thing.”

Eager: Showing that you’re keen and excited about a job ticked the box with the Lincoln Co-op’s Faye Amberson: “It’s great if you can show eagerness at the job.”

Understanding company ethics: Many companies like the Lincolnshire Co-operative have a code of ethics and beliefs, which they expect candidates to share: “It’s good to find someone who believes strongly in what we do,” said Amberson.