November 3, 2010 3.18 pm This story is over 156 months old

Spirits to be discovered in old jail

Paranormal activity: A ghost company will be visiting Lincoln Castle to discover spirits in the old prison.

Lincoln Castle will be getting staked by paranormal investigators this week.

Leicestershire company Absolutely Haunted are inviting people to join them and explore the castle’s Victorian jail on November 6.

The group will explore the female block of the old jail (now partly a museum), which was first opened in 1848.

It was also one of the first prisons in the UK to have running water and sanitation, and invented the ‘long rope’ — hanging with a longer rope for a quicker death.

The firm’s founder Chris Seal has communicated with spirits for over 20 years and has visited old buildings all around the country.

He will be using Ouija Boards and Séance to communicate with the potential spirits in the old prison.

Absolutely Haunted will separate into small groups in various spots once inside the prison, which could include visitors sitting in a lone vigil.

Although the company are not sure if there are spirits in the castle, there have apparently been sightings of ghosts there by others.

One sighting was a woman in the matron’s room getting warm by the fire, before going to be hanged.

Another was a woman thought to be a charity worker who used to bring food to all the prisoners.

There are still tickets left for those wanting to take part in the paranormal show, and cost £42, bookable from Absolutely Haunted’s website.