December 3, 2010 11.48 am This story is over 158 months old

Cathedral costs rise extra £30,000 per week

Higher: Costs to keep the Lincoln Cathedral open for public use escalated to £80,000 per week, and you can help keep it open.

The Lincoln Cathedral costs an extra £30,000 per week to keep open than the previously estimated £50,000 per week.

The 11th century building costs around £4.5mil per year to run, meaning the new cost to keep the Cathedral open for public use approximately £80,000.

The fee is due to the constant restoration campaign, which uses its own workforce to help preserve the stone, sculptures and windows.

Presently, the Cathedral makes its money from tourism, English Heritage and WREN grants, donations from Association of the Friends of Lincoln Cathedral and individual donations.

How you can help

The fundraising team for the Cathedral have various ways of raising money, and ways in which Lincolnites can help keep the historical premises open.

There are currently free fundraising packs available online, which include a money-box and give people ideas on how they can fundraise for the Cathedral.

For those who shop regularly online, go to and by going through the website, the Cathedral will be given a percentage of your purchase.

There are also quirkier ways of fundraising too such as adopting a stone, sponsoring a Medieval manuscript or commission a replacement gargoyle.

There are also regular events people can attend in the cathedral as well as various guided and rooftop tours, or even volunteer.

Photo: Steve Smailes