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NHS cancer tests save 53 lives

Breakthrough: A screening programme is aiming to detect those with bowel cancer symptoms.

A new NHS screening programme for cancer in Lincoln County Hospital has so far diagnosed over 50 people.

The Bowel Cancer Screening Programme was launched last year and out of 604 appointments, 53 cancers have been found and 155 being watched for polyps.

People are screened after using a test kit. The kit, given to people aged between 60 and 69, checks for blood traces in the test.

55,000 test kits have also been given out to people across the county so far.

All residents in the age bracket will be sent a test kit and invitation to the programme over the next year.

Lead Specialist Screening Practitioner Kirstie Cartledge is pleased with the results of the programme so far.

“There are many causes of rectal bleeding, and through this programme we can eliminate those with benign causes of the bleeding and find those with a more serious underlying problem.

“It is hoped that any bowel cancer detected will be found at an early stage and therefore improve the outcome of any further surgery.”

Anyone who is concerned that they may have a symptom of bowel cancer should still contact their GP, regardless of age.

Consultant Gastroenterologist Dr Glenn Spencer said: “Bowel cancer is the third most common cancer in the UK and research has shown that 80% of people diagnosed with this cancer are aged over 60, which is why the programme is aimed at this age group in particular.

“This cancer can be treated much more effectively if it is detected as early as possible, and we hope that by regular screening we may be able to reduce the number of bowel cancer deaths by 16%.”

Source: ULHT | Photo: Cancer Symptoms

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