February 23, 2011 9.10 am This story is over 157 months old

Cash boost to rid county roads of potholes

Potholes: The County Council will get extra government cash to fix potholes after a bitter winter.

Money will be allocated to Lincolnshire County Council from a government £100 million cash pot to fix county roads plagued by winter potholes.

Transport Secretary Philip Hammond announced the funds on Wedneday, as severe weather at the end of last year has left many local roads in a poor condition.

Potholes are formed when water freezes in small cracks in the road, expanding and forming a larger cavity.

The funding is on top of £831 million provided to councils for road maintenance this year and the £3 billion the Government has allocated over four years.

Following last year’s spending review though, County Council’s local transport capital settlement was slashed by 4% over four years.

The Lincolnshire County Council doesn’t know how much money it will receive from the cash pot, a decision sitting with the Department For Transport (DFT).

DFT will decide how much each local authority will be awarded based on the amount, type and condition of roads the authority is responsible for.

To qualify for this extra funding, local authorities will need to publish on their website by 30 September 2011 showing where this money has been spent.

County Councillor William Webb, Executive Member for Highways previously explained Lincolnshire has many rural roads and is also huge.

“We have a number of challenges in keeping our roads well maintained and are proud of our high standards in repairing and improving the highway network.

“The worst weather conditions for a century hit many areas hard last year, including Lincolnshire, so we strive to tackle the effects on the roads […]”

Transport Secretary Philip Hammond said millions of motorists across the country have their daily drives ruined by potholes.

“I am determined to see the winter damage to our roads fixed as quickly as possible and we will be working with councils to make sure that happens.

“This money should make a real difference to the millions of drivers who are fed up with having to continually battle against dangerous potholes […]”

Just days ago roads in Lincolnshire were named among the best in the country, according to figures released by the Department for Transport.

Lincolnshire roads scored 114 for 2008/2009, while in 2009/2010 they shot up to 120 for the county’s A roads.

A roads are in better condition than B roads and minor routes, the figures from the DfT showed, with Lincolnshire’s share marked at 104.

Source: NDS | Related Report: Lincolnshire Echo