February 21, 2011 3.55 pm This story is over 155 months old

Firemen: Three chip pan fires per week

Chip danger: Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue warn residents about the danger of chip pans after figures show there’s on every other day.

February 21 to 27 is National Chip Week, but for those planning to cook chips at home, Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue are warning residents about chip pans.

There were on average three kitchen fires a week in 2010, some of these the result of cooking with a chip pan, the fire service said.

Chip pans can cause fires because of the heavy amount of oil used to make the chips heated up to high temperatures and can also result in serious burns.

Deputy Community Fire Safety Manager at Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Matt King said: “If you use a chip pan, don’t fill it more than a third full of oil.

“Oil is an ideal fuel for a fire, and difficult to put out. If you do have a fire, never use water on it as this will cause a fireball, but call 999 instead.”

He added: “Why not invest in a thermostatically controlled deep fat fryer? They prevent oil getting too hot, reducing the chance of burns and injuries.”

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue also have a few safety tips to consider when cooking with a chip pan:

  • Avoid getting distracted. If you are called away, take pans off the heat straight away.
  • Turn saucepan handles so they don’t stick out (and aren’t over another ring).
  • Always clean the grill pan after using it.
  • Don’t put oven gloves or tea towels down on the cooker after you’ve used them.

Fire and Rescue also do free safety checks in the house to make sure smoke alarms are correct and install them for those who don’t have one.

Book a safety check by calling 01522 582222 or emailing Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue.