February 22, 2011 10.47 am This story is over 153 months old

Lincoln man’s kidnap ordeal on TV tonight

True story: A documentary featuring Lincoln man who was kidnapped in Colombia and then went to meet his captor will air on More4.

The true story of a Lincoln man who was kidnapped in Colombia in 2003 and then went to meet his captor will be broadcast on More4 on Tuesday night.

Just over seven years ago, Mark Henderson, a television producer and director from Lincoln, was on a trip to Columbia, when his voyage took an unexpected turn.

Henderson (pictured), along with seven other tourists from around the world, were taken hostage by a rebel group and held captive for 101 days.

After weeks of negotiations, clergy from the Roman Catholic Church in Colombia managed to secure the tourists’ release.

Henderson and the rest of the captives were at their homes in time for Christmas.

Eleven months after his release, Henderson received an email from one of his captors, asking to stay in touch to “develop a friendship”.

He exchanged emails for several months with Antonio, the captor, which never offered any apologies over what happened in Colombia.

And after receiving funds from Channel 4’s Britdoc Foundation, Henderson set out to make a documentary of his returns to Colombia to meet his captor.

The chilling and emotional documentary called My Kidnapper will be broadcast on February 22 at 10pm on More4.

Reviewing for The Guardian, Xan Brooks gave My Kidnapper four out of five stars:

“My Kidnapper – charged, complex and always compelling – revisits the ruins and speaks to the ghosts,” Brooks noted about the documentary.

Shortly after broadcast, My Kidnapper should be available to watch temporarily on Channel 4’s 4oD service.