June 29, 2011 3.39 pm This story is over 149 months old

Lincoln pigeon feeders face £75 fines

Flying fines: Persistent pigeon feeders in Lincoln could face fines of up to £75, to reduce the number of birds in the city centre.

Anyone caught persistently feeding the pigeons in Lincoln could face a £75 fixed penalty fine in a new plan to cut pigeon numbers in the city.

Lincoln BIG will be issuing leaflets to people who are seen feeding pigeons, in order to enable them to make informed decisions about the consequences.

Last year the Weirfield Wildlife Hospital treated over 300 pigeons due to people feeding them the wrong foods, such as chips, which could eventually kill them.

The population of feral pigeons in some parts of Lincoln’s city centre has risen to the point where they are causing problems, Lincoln BIG say.

These include buildings where pigeon droppings corrode ledges and facades, as well as problems to footways where droppings create a slip hazard.

Food-sellers are also at risk, as pigeon droppings may contaminate food especially in pavement cafes, as well as potential hazards for diseases carried by the birds.

Feeding pigeons also poses risks to the pigeon population itself, as fatty food such as chips does not form part of their natural diet and is causing health problems.

Mick Lake, speaking on behalf of Lincoln BIG, said: “Our starting point is that we do not wish to eradicate pigeons, but we wish to see a smaller – but healthier pigeon population in the city.

“We believe the most humane, and effective way to control the population is by controlling the food supply – by encouraging people not to feed them.

“This act will not cause pigeons to die, but it will disperse them over a wider area as they look for naturally occurring food sources elsewhere, and will slow down the rate at which they reproduce.”

Photo: Kelly Moore for The Lincolnite