June 29, 2011 7.24 pm This story is over 153 months old

Students banned from church conversion

More housing… but not for students in the West End, where residents say there are too many students already.

The Planning Committee at City of Lincoln Council agreed to ban students from living in an upcoming housing development in the West End.

The planned development is situated on at the corner of West Parade and Hampton Street. The site is currently occupied by the Church Hall of the Methodist Church.

Councillor Karen Lee spoke in support of the development at the meeting and stressed there is an imbalance between students and families in the area.

Lee urged the Planning Committee on June 29 for the approval of the four houses with the student restriction (Section 106) applied.

The restriction would apply to exclusive student use of the properties, with possibility for married couples or families with one student to move in.

The application is for one building that provides four houses, three fronting Hampton Street and one fronting West Parade.

An objection has been received from Carholme Road residents concerned about the potential for the building to be occupied by students and a lack of parking causing a hazard.

They consider that the buildings should be retained on site for the use by the community, and a letter of support has been received from the West End Residents Association.

The City Council advised that the application will need to be the subject of a S106 agreement, restricting no students at the property.

Residents on West Parade have also objected to the plans, regarding the potential for overlooking from the property into their houses.

“Given the design and orientation of the new building I do not consider that it will cause an overbearing presence to the residents of West Parade,” said a City Council report into the application.

“Residential properties face each other along West Parade and I do not consider therefore that harm will be caused from the introduction of residential properties on this site.”

One of the conditions of the approval was for development at the site to commence within three years.

3D model view of the development from West Parade

3D model view from Hampton Street

3D aerial view of the development