June 10, 2011 2.55 pm This story is over 153 months old

Voice of Lincoln: Is it a bird, is it a plane?

…No: It’s the 2012 Olympic torch and you can see it in action in Lincoln next year. Until then, what do you make of it?

…no. It’s the 2012 Olympic torch and you can see it bobbing along the streets of Lincoln as the nominated bearer carries it through the city on June 27 next year.

After months of secrecy and speculation, the grand design has finally been revealed.

But what do the people of Lincoln make of it?

Will Cohu

Will Cohu (47) Lincoln writer

“I think that if my son saw it he’d say that it looks like a sugar ice cream cone. To me it looks like something I might find in my daughter’s room, something to do with hair. I think it’s quite elegant. I don’t know what the proportions are, it looks terribly long. It has a slightly retro look.

“It’s nothing offensive but I’ve never given much thought to Olympic torches. You don’t really have many lying around at home. What does it say to me? It says gas central heating somehow.”

Sylvia Entwistle

Sylvia Entwistle (20), Lincoln student

“My thoughts about the Olympic torch are pretty much the same as how I feel about the British Olympics, it’s kind of failed. When they brought out the logo I thought, that looks like a jigsaw that has been put together by a child. And now the torch looks like a shaver or something. It’s embarrassing really. I like the idea of the Olympics but I feel like Britain’s been doing it all wrong.”

Jan Himsworth

Jan Himsworth (61) Saxilby

“I do like the design, although there is something about it that’s slightly like an elongated waste paper basket. On the other hand it’s probably a fairly practical design for someone having to carry it and run at the same time. I think it looks quite classy. How they’re going to run and keep the flame burning, it will be interesting to see.”

Rita Adeniyi

Rita Adeniyi (21) Lincoln, student at Norwich

“It’s a bit basic. It does look pretty, I like it. It looks like a baton. It reminds me of baseball or rounders. In terms of Olympics, it does look similar to how it used to be. I remember when I used to watch when I was little, so I’m glad they didn’t move too far away. It does look nice and shiny.”

Anthony Januszewski

Anthony Januszewski (21) Lincoln student

“It looks like a cheese grater. I think it’s quite nice. It could have been a lot worse to be honest, after the logo, they’ve gone up in the world of design.”

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