September 15, 2011 10.57 am This story is over 150 months old

Drivers urged to slow down on A46

Go slower: Lincolnshire County Council s reminding motorists that there is a temporary speed limit on the bypass for their safety.

Motorists are urged by Lincolnshire County Council of the current speed restrictions between Whisby Road and the Doddington Road roundabout.

The council adds the the 40mph limit on the stretch of the bypass while the road is improved is for drivers’ safety.

David Skeet, Senior Project Leader at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “We’re witnessing some shocking driving on the A46 bypass, with drivers literally taking their lives in their hands.

“People simply cannot do U turns in the middle of the road, or move cones to turn right where they shouldn’t.

“I’d like to urge drivers to abide by the restrictions which are in place to help ensure their safety and those of others using the road.

“Traffic restrictions do allow motorists to use the road in both directions, at a reduced speed, although they cannot turn right in or out of Whisby Road.”

The Highways Agency, who is also undertaking the work on the A46, has backed the council’s advice, asking motorists to take extra care to prevent deaths and injuries in both road users and workers.

Highways Agency asset delivery and development manager Paul Cockell added: “Road workers work in a dangerous environment and it’s vital drivers show them respect and consideration by driving safely and keeping within the speed limit.

“The message to A46 road users is clear: Do not risk lives and wreck families for a few seconds of selfishness.”

As previously reported, the roadworks on the bypass are due to both the Teal Park development and duelling the busy stretch of the road.

Visit the Highways Agency safety campaign on Flickr and Youtube.

Source: Lincolnshire County Council | Photo: Richard Croft