September 12, 2011 2.43 pm This story is over 150 months old

Lincolnshire tops British food poll

Finest food: Lincolnshire has been voted the best food spot in the UK, according to a British produce website.

— Updated on September 14 with British Food Fortnight confirmation and statement*

Lincolnshire has come above all other counties to win the title of Britain’s Favourite Food Spot.

The poll was held by Love British Food, and people could select their favourite food spots around the UK by county.

Lincolnshire won the poll with 39.6% of the vote, with Cornwall following closely in second place (35.4%) and Hampshire in third with 6.8%. A total of 22,677 votes were cast.

According to the website, Lincolnshire has a variety of qualities which hoisted it to first place:

“Lincolnshire’s regional specialities are enjoyed across the country.

“Its sausages are distinguished from other sausages by the coarsely chopped or ground pork and use of sage which is found in the county’s pork pies as well.

“Don’t miss the award-winning handmade Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese; succulent beef from the Lincoln Red; or Belvoir’s delicious cordials, pressés and fruit crushes made from fresh flowers, fruits and spices and blended with local spring water.”

A social media campaign across the county started when the poll opened and Lincolnshire made a little headway, with people encouraging others to vote for the county via Twitter and Facebook.

Mary Powell of Tastes of Lincolnshire said: “We know Lincolnshire is the top food spot in the UK, and now’s our chance to get this recognised nationally.

“We have the freshest and tastiest local food – premium sausages, delectable pork pies and the famous Lincolnshire plumbread, best enjoyed with Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese.

“Add to that fields full of the finest vegetables, and what more could a food lover ask for?

“This competition has been a great profile raiser for local food. Lincolnshire is delighted to have been in the top two for the whole voting period and we’d like to thank everyone who supported us.

“As a very rural, often forgotten part of Britain, it is great to have been recognised as one of the great food producing areas.”

*Organiser of British Food Fortnight, Alexia Robinson, commented: “People may be a little surprised that Lincolnshire has won as it is not often described as a foodie destination.

“But its regional specialities are enjoyed nationwide and it has an incredibly strong farming community that has mounted a ferociously determined campaign to garner the necessary votes to win.

“With the Face of this year’s British Food Fortnight also being from Lincolnshire, if Lincolnshire was not on the food map before this poll, it most certainly is now.”

Love British Food is hosting a British Food Fortnight, encouraging people to buy British produce.

The face of British Food Fortnight is Sally Jackson, the owner of Pink Pig Farm, from Lincolnshire.