October 7, 2011 3.01 pm This story is over 129 months old

Voice of Lincoln: A late night flop?

Discontinued: Many shops are deciding against late night shopping due to poor customer turnout. Voice of Lincoln finds out why.

As the result of a continued disappointing turnout for Thursday’s late night shopping venture, several shops on the High Street have abandoned the scheme.

The Lincolnite took to the shops to see what the retailers have made of late night shopping and whether or not they believe it is worthwhile.

Sophie Lane, Paperchase

“We tried it for five continual weeks and found that we didn’t have any footfall from it and was only taking a small amount of money and it didn’t justify taking those hours out of an already busy week. We will of course be opening late nights again closer to Christmas.”

Elisabeth Rutland, Laura Ashley

“We do find it quite beneficial actually. The late nights were slow at first but it is starting to get a lot busier, people are coming in after work to get cards and stuff, so it is helping us actually. The shops that have decided to opt out haven’t really helped the situation much though; we should have all pledged to stick it out together while it got on its feet.”


“We are trialling this and we think that everyone needs to get behind it, otherwise it isn’t going to work. With other stores dropping out it makes it harder for us though because maybe less people will keep coming in. But really, it is a great time for people to come in after work or for students after uni, it could be really successful.”

Andrea Dobber, Lush

“There was just a real lack of interest from the public, maybe it is because we are a bit out of the way round here on the Cornhill. It just wasn’t enough to sustain staying open for that amount of time, not at this time of year anyway, we will be opening late closer to Christmas again though.”