November 14, 2011 9.52 am This story is over 148 months old

New Bishop of Lincoln enthroned

New Bishop: Now officially welcomed into his role, Christopher Lowson talks women bishops, metal thefts and new faith.

The Right Reverend Christopher Lowson been officially welcomed into the role of Bishop of Lincoln at a special ceremony at Lincoln Cathedral on November 12.

Reverend Lowson has now become the 72nd Bishop of Lincoln and replaces the Right Reverend Dr John Saxbee, who retired in January this year.

“Religion has become much more important in international life,” the Bishop of Lincoln told The Lincolnite in an interview before the enthronement.

“In a positive way faith communities all around the world have become more confident. In The Church of England, two million people have been on the Alpha course.

“Negatively we also have terrorism, 9/11 has forever changed the world, so I think religion has played a bigger part in life than it did ten years ago.

Reverend Lowson also believes a woman could take his place after his time as Bishop of Lincoln.

“I could see woman bishop taking over from me. I will be voting for woman bishops in the general Synod next July.

“Though it may take a little while, as bishops don’t get ordained straight away. Though God willing if I’m here for 10 to 12 years it should be very likely that a woman should succeed me.”

The Bishop of Lincoln added he is concerned about the metal thefts that are affecting religious buildings in Lincoln and across the county.

“I’m very concerned about this though I must note this isn’t just a problem for the churches, it’s affecting public utilities and Network Rail, so it’s not just a problem for the Church — it’s affecting the whole community.”