Antisocial behaviour snowballs with cold weather

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Lincolnshire Police received more than 120 reports of people throwing snowballs during the snowy weekend in the county.

In total, 198 snow related incidents were dealt with by the authority, the majority of which involved antisocial behaviour and transport issues.

The snow related incidents include general antisocial behaviour such as piling snow against residents’ doors and throwing snowballs at houses, pedestrians and motorists.

On top of this, 91 road traffic collisions were reported to police as temperatures dropped below freezing and road conditions deteriorated.

There were also 36 cases of hazardous obstructions blocking roads and dangerous or impassible areas.

The A&E department at Lincoln County Hospital said it has not seen an increase in attendances due to the icy weather conditions.

However, they said they have plans in place to care for increased numbers of people if the situation changes.

Photo: Dominic Clark for The Lincolnite