March 9, 2012 11.00 am This story is over 140 months old

In pictures: Lincoln’s exotic pets

Funky pets: We take a look at some of the special exotic pets that you can buy in Lincoln.

A Green Tree Python

The two exotic pet shops in Lincoln, L.A. Reptiles and JC Exotics, gave The Lincolnite a peek at their attractions.

Green Tree Python

Ash Gabriele of L.A. reptiles explains: “They’re from Australia and Indonesia, and when they’re babies they have all sorts of different colours. It can start blue, green and sometimes red and it’s for camouflage reasons, so when they’re older they live in the trees and turn green.”

Albino Burmese

The Albino Burmese can get up to 12-foot in the wild. Females are on average larger than males and can top 18-foot.

Mossy frog

Jim Tweedle from JC Exotics explained: “This type of frog comes from Vietnam and they’re quite rare and were part of some breeding projects.”

Vietnamese Millipede

This species “were originally taken from the wild and were part of breeding projects so people were able to breed their own,” Jim said.

JC Exotics have been breeding skunks for a while, and this one is about to give birth.