March 20, 2012 4.58 pm This story is over 140 months old

Top musicians release single for Lincoln charity

Charity single: Renowned musicians help create a single to raise funds for local charity Friends of Queen’s Park School.

Debbie Gutsell’s son Joshua attends Queen’s Park School and is one of over 80 children who will be merged into other local schools

Top musicians from Jamiroquai, the Jools Holland Orchestra and Lilly Allen’s band, amongst others, feature in a fundraising single for a Lincoln charity.

Friends of Queen’s Park School supports one of Lincoln’s special schools which was condemned to closure by Lincolnshire County Council on in December last year.

Queen’s Park School is closing despite over 400 online petitioners. but a charity has been set up to soften the blow to pupils and their families.

The charity single called Helping Hands aims to help achieve a £50,000 target for 2012 to help the children it will no longer accommodate.

You can listen to and buy the single for £2 or more and a proportion of the proceeds will go towards a trip to Euro Disney for the children.

Friends of Queen’s Park School Trustee, Debbie Gutsell, explained how the organisation plans to keep supporting its children and make give them some happy memories.

“The school might be closing but the children are still here and the charity aims to provide equipment they can take with them and make the rest of their time here as great an experience as possible with a trip to Euro Disney giving them a wonderful memory,” said Gutsell.

The song was written and recorded for the children and their families, not only to raise money but also to also raise spirits and help support the idea of community and everyone pulling together.

Some of the impressive names on the credits are Jamiroquai guitarist Rob Harris, a trumpeter from Lily Allen’s band, Jack Birchwood, and a saxophonist from the Jools Holland Orchestra, Derek Nash.

The single’s producer Dave Marks said: “The single contains some of my favourite UK musicians, they are all great players, super professional and also very generous with their time and happy to help out for a good cause.”

Fundraising efforts continue with a Queen’s Park School Charity Ice Ball at the Lawn in Lincoln on April 28.