March 21, 2012 7.30 am This story is over 140 months old

Meet the Lincoln Olympic torch bearers

Shortlisted: Here is a list of all the torch bearers either from Lincoln or carrying the torch proudly through the city.

Between June 27 and 28, a number of special people will be proudly carrying the London 2012 Olympic torch around the city, or have been chosen to run with the torch elsewhere. Here are the people you will be following as they carry the torch on its 70-day relay.

Jade Etherington (21), June 27

Keen skier Jade Etherington is from Bourne, but is currently studying Education and Geography and Bishop Grosseteste University College. As well as carrying the torch through Lincoln, Jade is hoping to qualify as a Paralympian in the 2014 Olympic Games with the British Disabled Ski Team.

Etherington suffers from glaucoma and Axenfield’s Syndrome, a genetic condition causing a blockade of fluid in the eye, leaving her partially sighted.

Dot Fraser (75), June 28

Don’t let her age fool you. Dot Fraser may be the eldest member of the Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club, but wins the most medals of all the group, as well as holding every club record for sprinters over the age of 55. She travels all over the UK to compete in various running events.

Dot gained her place as a torch bearer after being chosen by the City of Lincoln Council, and will be carrying the torch out of the city towards Nottingham.

Nick Hope (33), June 27

Nick Hope is a volunteer, working with young people within his community. He takes local children to football sessions and is involved in Stand Up Speak Up with Lincoln City Football Club, which teaches sport to youths of different nationalities together outside of school.

He will be bringing the torch into Lincoln to its resting place at Lincoln Cathedral on June 27, before it leaves the city the next day.

Zoe Homes (31), June 27

Zoe Homes is a Marketing and Recruitment officer at the University of Lincoln, nominated by family through the Coca Cola Future Flames scheme.

Zoe will be the first of the Lincoln torch bearers to get hold of the torch, as she will run with it for 300m through Bracebridge Heath.

Other community torch bearers

A whole host of other residents, nominated through community schemes, will be taking the torch through the city. They are:

  • Aiden Smith (18), June 27
  • Courtney Limb (14), June 27
  • David Hereward (33), June 27
  • Eric Cooper (87), June 27
  • Graham Reeve (54), June 27
  • Henry Gregory (13), June 27
  • James Rees (31), June 27
  • Jules Hanks (46), June 27
  • Keith Hebblewhite (75), June 27
  • Leanne Creek (24), June 27
  • Louise Nelson (21), June 27
  • Luke Sibley (30), June 27
  • Phil Molefe (53), June 27
  • Stuart Parker (53), June 27
  • Sue Holland-Leavens (52), June 27
  • Tim Isterling (20), June 27
  • Brian Johnson (58), June 28
  • Dan Hargreaves (35), June 28
  • Dee Miles (59), June 28
  • Jake Mason (20), June 28
  • Shirley Kay (77), June 28

There are also a number of Lincoln residents who will be running with the torch, but in other parts of the region.

Megan Harris (27), June 26

Megan Harris is a midfielder and captain for Lincoln Ladies Football Club, and has been playing for the club for around 13 years — giving up her job as a PE teacher to play full time for the team. As well as playing football for the Lincoln Ladies, Harris also takes part in coaching sessions for under 15 potential players. Despite being from Lincoln, she will be running with the torch through Cleethorpes.