May 11, 2012 9.44 am This story is over 121 months old

East Midlands Trains ‘frustrated’ as drivers set to strike again

More strikes: More train services next week will be disrupted due to strike action over pensions.

Lincoln train drivers at East Midlands Trains are going on strike again next week.

This is due to a meeting between East Midlands Trains and ASLEF on Thursday, May 10 not resulting in an agreement over pension contributions.

The drivers had four days of action in the last two weeks, which led to disruptions on several routes from the city.

East Midlands Trains explained that although they put froward proposals to end the dispute, the union failed to take up the offers.

The company’s proposal was to move on with the new pension scheme in July, to increase take-home pay for employees and increase their pension benefits.

To do this, East Midlands Trains would make arrangements to put company savings in National Insurance into extra pension benefits.

HR Director for East Midlands Trains Clare McCartney said: “Our pension scheme has been independently assessed as being in good financial health.

“It is one of the relatively few remaining final salary schemes in the UK, with a level of benefits most other people in the country don’t have access to.

“Our proposals would be a win for our employees, who could get higher take-home pay and build up a bigger personal pension pot.

“We are frustrated our constructive attempts to provide a resolution on this issue have not been taken up by ASLEF and the union have not offered any alternative way to resolve the dispute.

“Instead, it appears likely we will have two further days of strike action over nothing, with all of the associated disruption for our passengers.

“Our door remains open and we believe the way to solve this is for the union to talk and not walk,” she added.

In statement, ASLEF added: “Disruption will continue on East Midlands Trains after talks today failed to reach any conclusion.

General Secretary Mick Whelan, who led the union’s negotiating team, said he was ‘very disappointed’ that management had come to the table ‘without flexibility, without fresh ideas and without serious intent to end the dispute’.

“Mick said he would make a full report to his executive committee who would determine how to act most effectively to protect the pensions of union members working for EMT.”

Whelan said: “In the interim, our door remains open. We are willing to meet the company at any time, anywhere.”


A number of East Midlands Trains services from Lincoln will be affected by strike action on Tuesday, May 15 and Thursday, May 17.

The Lincoln services to Leicester, Nottingham, Newark (both stations), Spalding, Sleaford, Grimsby and Doncaster will be affected.

East Midlands Trains will put replacement rail and bus services in place for passengers, or full refunds will be given.

To find out if your journey is affected, visit the East Midlands Trains service disruption page.

Source: East Midlands Trains